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The Green Man Collection

Based in Glasgow, and offering the unique Green Man Collection across the UK.

Discover the Beauty of The Green Man Collection by JOSCENTS

Welcome to The Green Man Collection, where we specialize in providing a wide range of tools and items to help you on your spiritual journey. Our selection includes incense cones, charm bracelets, and wands, all handcrafted with love and care for the earth and its beauty.


Our incense cones provide a delightful scent experience, tinged with aromatherapy properties depending on your preference. Our charms bracelets are designed to enhance your daily meditation and offer a gentle reminder of the things you seek in life.


Lastly, our wands are versatile tools that are perfect for use in a variety of spiritual practices, making them a must-have in every collection. Join us today and let us help you achieve your spiritual growth.

Please see our store policies.

Suitable For Vegans
Individually Wrapped
Bathroom style

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